The Official Apparel

Of The City Of Compton

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Compton Sports Teams

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60% Cotton 40% Polyester fleece sweatsuit

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Comptonion Lightweight Hoodie

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60% polyester 40% cotton hoodie.

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Compton Culture

Compton residents love our city to the fullest extent. Never ashamed where we come from . Living through and changing the negative depictions on what society has placed on our city from the decades of struggle from gangs , drugs and crooked political scandals , we still take pride in our culture.

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Compton Network

As the narrative of Compton begins to change towards a positive one. There would not be any transformation without the Network of residents unifying together.

  • Ye' Ole Compton

    Ye' Ole Compton is a tribute to the Old Compton establishments



      This collection is one of our most requested and is our classic brand. This shirt is known all around the globe.

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      Compton Money Man was inspired by the Monopoly Game. Living in Compton is just like the board game being played

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      Compton has always been popular since the late 1980's ,Compton has latley been the center of attention and has become a demand

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    • THE CITY

      THE CITY

      Compton is a great place,home to over 100,000 residents. Known as the “Hub City” because of its unique position in Los Angeles County

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    Compton's #1 T Shirt Brand

    What Is Compton Activist?

    What Is Compton Activist?

    Compton Activist is a community based store.

    Our products are manufactured in the city of Compton by local residents. We Offer more than just the official apparel of the city of Compton. Our goal is Community Activism by Mobilizing Social Engagement to Empower our people.

    Thee Activism

    You Won't Find These Authentic Compton Shirts Anywhere But Here

    • Donald

      Donald "DC" Conley II

      Owner of "Barberism Thee Shoppe" located in Compton

    • Mayor Aja L. Brown

      Mayor Aja L. Brown

      Aja L. Brown is the youngest female mayor. She has brought many positive programs to Compton

    • More 2 Jay Bee

      More 2 Jay Bee

      JAY BEE is known for her talent and creating positive platforms in Compton

    Compton Community Activist

    Compton Life Limited Edition

    Community News

    We are not just a store in our community,we are a store for our community.Compton Activist is involved in being pro active in the city of Compton